Self Assessment

You must complete a self-assessment income tax return if you are in business, either as a self-employed person or as a company director.

Simple planning and the right advice can make completing your income tax return straightforward and painless.
Many taxpayers struggle to understand and complete these correctly. Deadlines and ever-changing tax legislation can make it difficult for individuals to fill out their tax returns to the standard that HMRC expects. Many people find it complicated and time-consuming so it’s no wonder that almost 1 million people a year are fined for failing to return it to H M Revenue & Customs.

As part of our service we would :
• deal with all your tax affairs no matter how complicated
• complete your tax return and all necessary schedules
• calculate your tax position
• send you a full copy and explanatory notes
• file your return online to H M Revenue & Customs
• deal with the Revenue on your behalf
• be available for all your tax queries and questions

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