CIS Returns

If you are a contractor within the construction industry then you will have to submit a CIS Return before the 19th of each month. A CIS return lets HMRC know how much CIS tax you have deducted from your sub-contractors and therefore how much you owe to them.

It is very important that you put in place arrangements either yourself or for a professional to complete your CIS Returns on your behalf as the penalties for late submissions are high. Even if it is one day late the penalty is £100.
If you ask us to complete your monthly CIS Returns we will carry out the following for you:
• Adding and verifying your new sub-contractors
• Processing of the payment and deduction statements
• Submission of the monthly CIS Returns
• Reminders to inform you when your CIS Returns are due
• Representation in the event of a CIS enquiry from HMRC
• Correspondence with HMRC on your behalf
• Unlimited help and advice regarding your CIS Returns

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