Financial Modelling

Financial models are critical for evaluating ongoing business decisions as well as supporting organisation through change. Whether you are looking to assess value and drivers of existing products or services, buy or sell a business, or implement a new pricing strategy, you are going to need a financial projection to help you make the right decision.

We will work with you to understand commercial drivers, baseline requirements and scenarios, ensuring suitability, broad coverage and flexibility. Our excel models are user-friendly with key focus on clearly defined inputs, robust throughputs, precise and summarised outputs.

We will aim to provide you a model which is not only a solution for the specific situation or a scenario but is also a tool for meeting new challenges and assessing upcoming strategic choices.

Examples of solutions:

  • Financial evaluation models to support investment & capex appraisals to help you make optimal investment decisions
  • Strategic evaluations models to help you assess and internally debate implications of strategic and organisational change scenarios at hand
  • Transaction deal models which support business valuations through understanding of commercial drivers, profit drivers, synergies and help you balance risk and reward