Customer Profitability

Whether you have a compact customer portfolio or a massive customer book, understanding your customer base and per-customer profitability is vital in ensuring your precious business resources are utilised optimally.

Our experienced and highly experienced modellers will analyse your historical data and help you identify key customer segments and attribute value and costs to each customer segment. Through our expertise, you would better understand the relative customer value, customer lifetime cycle, changes in customer behaviour and allocation of your cost base right down to the customer level. This will allow your business to take different, targeted actions and strategies against each customer profitability segment with the overarching aim of increasing your organisation’s total profitability.

Armed with our customer profitability analysis and recommendations, your business is likely to make more successful management decisions and achieve a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive environment.

Examples of solutions:

  • Acquisition channel profitability analysis can support to validate your existing customer acquisition strategies and forecast customer profitability in the new and emerging customer acquisition channels e.g. Aggregator or price comparison websites, direct and other online channels
  • Product profitability analysis models to help you assess relative customer profitability from different products and services
  • Customer contact and retention analysis to develop and assess customer marketing strategy and retention of high value customers